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Thai Weddings on Koh Samui

Buddhist Thai Wedding on Koh Samui

A traditional Thai-Buddhist ceremony is performed by three Buddhist monks. First, the monks chant and then bless the bride and the groom by linking their heads with joined loops of Sai Mongkon. The meaning of this is that the individual identity of the two people is kept but destinies are linked. The Head-Monk pours blessed water over the heads of the bride and the groom; the water is collected in a bowl of ornately arranged flowers. The guests of the bride and the groom also bless the couple on a water-blessing altar.

Thai Wedding 70,000 THB

Includes all wedding decorations at your selected venue such as flowers, set-up for incense and candles, sitting area for Monks, water blessing wedding altar and decorative wedding entrance arch. Ring exchange is not traditional for a Buddhist wedding; we would however provide the required set up should you wish to do so.

Wedding cocktail reception:

We recommend serving cool and refreshing drinks before the wedding, such as fruit daiquiris or champagne, which can be served next to the wedding location.

Wedding Dinner:

We offer a wide variety of Thai and Western menus or buffet dinners according to your preference and size of the party. Venues vary from our intimate and private setting on the beach to larger area such as our restaurant close by the beach or close to the pool.

Dinner at Wedding on Koh Samui

The proposed package includes:

    * Hair stylist, beauty treatments and relaxing massage for bride and groom
    * Long drums ceremony performed by Thai dancers
    * The area set-up with flower decoration
    * Sitting area for Monks
    * Water blessing altar and decorative entrance arch
    * Ceremony
    * Cocktail reception (for the couple)
    * Dinner (for the couple)
    * Champagne (for the couple)
    * Cake (for the couple)

Please CONTACT US for more details concerning the wedding's miscellaneous items, food & beverage arrangements and the required legal procedure for a wedding certification in Thailand.


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